Educational Materials

Solo Piano Music

24 Keys (2021)
24 pieces for lower intermediate level in each of the 24 keys.
First Techniques (1997)
13 beginning pieces. Illustrations by Ariel Schrag
My Piano Book (1997)
15 original pieces for the beginning pianist. Illustrations by Ariel Schrag

Twenty-Nine Techniques (1995)


29 etudes for advanced beginner.  Illustrations by Ariel Schrag



No. 3 The Train





No. 7 Dolphins


A Walk in the Forest (1993)
Left hand alone for young beginning pianist. Illustrations by Ariel Schrag

Piano Four Hands

The Calendar Duets (2014)
12 duets for advanced beginners.  Written for students in their birthday month.  Winner MTAC Composers Today competition (2015)

February Rain

May Magic

September Scramble

October Leaves


Compilations & Arrangements

American Traditional Songs (2017)
22 songs in two versions: single line melody between the hands and right hand melody with chordal accompaniment.  Clip art.
Folk Song Charts (2015)
An introduction to Keyboard Harmony using traditional American Folk Songs.  29 Songs in 7 major keys and 4 minor keys.  Clip art.
Four Centuries of Keyboard Music (2002)
Three volumes of original literature from the classics arranged and edited.   87 selections.
Folk Tunes (1997)
23 tunes arranged for easy piano. Illustrations by Ariel Schrag
Black Note Pieces (1997)
8 pieces arranged for the very beginning pianist. Illustrations byAriel Schrag
Classical Rags (1997)
9 rags by masters arranged for easy piano.
First Classics (1996)
17 pieces arranged for the beginning pianist.  Clip art

Dramatic Works

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1995)  Drama by William Shakespeare.
Children’s voices, keyboard, flute, recorder, cello, bass, percussion.
Composed with students.  Production at Live Oak Theatre Berkeley June 1995.

Alice Underground (2014)
Based on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.  All lyrics from the original writings of Charles Dodson.  80 minutes.  For elementary school children with a chorus for 2nd and 3rd graders.  Premiered May 2014 at The Academy Berkeley, CA.

Molly has written countless pieces for her students over the years as well as arrangements of classical, pop, jazz and theatre musicals.  She has materials teaching rhythm, intervals, 16th century counterpoint, polyphony, invention form, figured bass.  She has also created curriculums for ages 2-5 and Middle School age children.

For complete list of materials: AXTMANN Educational Materials 2021