Chamber Music

Piano Quartets

Chaconne (2020)
One movement (8′) Piano quartet (v/va/vc/po)
Premiered by the Miles Graber Piano Quartet December 2020
Miles Graber Piano Quartet December 2020

Dark Passage (2018) Piano quartet
Version for violin, French horn, piano (2013)

Before-During-After (2018) Piano quartet
After (2018)

Rachel Durling-violin, Linda Greene-viola, Cathy Allen-cello, Molly Axtmann-piano

Migration (2018) Piano quartet
Version for quintet: violin, French Horn, trombone (Double Bass), cello, piano (2013)

Moto Perpetuo (2018) Piano quartet
Version for violin, French Horn, cello, piano (2013)

Passacaglia (2018) Piano quartet
In C minor.  D minor version (2016)
D minor version for violin, French Horn, cello and piano (2013)

The Anzu-Bird (2009) flute, clarinet Bb, cello, piano

Cascade (2018) violin, cello, piano
3 Movements

Chaconne (2016) violin, cello, piano

Talloires (2015) violin, cello, piano

Phrygian (2013) violin, cello, piano

Enki’s Dream (2010) flute, viola, pedal harp

Return (2005) viola, clarinet Bb, piano 12 minutes

Rem Djemilev-viola, Ken Durling-clarinet, Molly Axtmann-piano
Excerpt from the CD Wild Coast.

Passacaglia (2004) Piano trio Eb minor

Magic Tortoise (1991) violin, viola, cello
10 movements. 26 minutes. The pluck.


String Quartets
Gift of a Pheasant (2012) 3 movements: 8 minutes
Morning Light (2007) 7 minutes
Illusion (1997) 8 minutes

Sonoma (2013) cello, piano

David Brin-cello, Molly Axtmann-piano

Porque (2013) trombone, piano

Invocation (2012) French horn, piano

A Sad Elephant for Rem (2003) 3 movements. Written for and performed by Rem Djemilev. III. Calm


Amygdala (1996) oboe, piano 3 movements
Taydie dances with Evelyn under the wide Wyoming sky (1994) oboe, piano
Bones (1993) marimba, cello (or violin) 6 minutes
Changes of Light (1990) cello, piano
4 movements. 20 minutes
Cries (1986)  viola, piano.  3 movements. 6 minutes.

Recuerdo (2004) violín solo

Larger Ensembles

Water and Sand (2010) string orchestra
1. River 2. Desert 15 minutes

The Eternal Transitory (2006) 4-8 lever harps.
Performed by the Bay Area Youth Harp Ensemble under direction of Diana Stork.

Threnody (2004) cello orchestra 5 minutes
Premiered at The Crowden School. Live recording of Crowden School cello students and teachers.


Musica della Notte (1997) percussion ensemble
6-7 players & conductor 7 minutes.  Performed by the Palo Alto Youth Percussion Ensemble under direction of Kenneth Piascik.

Suite from BEAUTY (1993)  flute, clarinetBb, cello, piano, percussion
10 movements: 28 minutes  Performed at Maybeck Recital Hall Berkeley.
The port.



Passing from one world to another (2012)  One movement. 10 minutes.